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I promise to bring out these books in the next 21 days if I am not detained at Eaton House when I report there on the 25th of November, and flown to India.

Autobiography of Mohini Hersom

This is my autobiography written in 2016, from 1958 to 1983. I have relied heavily on an earlier submission to the British library titled “natural life in a coffin to please others.”. This is because my memory was fresher at that time of my past when after a colourful decade the new junk has displaced some of the older junk. Of course I have removed from this older document all events that happened after 1983. This book shows the life of a middle class girl born in 1958 in Delhi. Mohini hopes to entertain, titillate and stimulate a wide audience by lifting up the carpet to see the evidence underneath of a secret life.

The murder of Regent Exeter

Regent born to an aristocratic English family was the oldest son and his family faced misfortune when he was young. The book shows illustratively how his death was a murder using his medical records. Due to legal restrictions placed upon me by the Office of the Ombudsman I am not allowed to show anyone their correspondence to me except for their final decision on whether they could grant my wishes.

They however did not impose a restriction on showing people what I sent to them. Publishing papers of yourself or other people than your self is bound by data protection.

I should have an automatic right to publish my own legal or medical documents in a story about myself and if I publish the documents of another person I should get their permission. As such Regent who often used to watch World War videos on youtube and weep over the dead, who often talked of the skeletons of departed souls of psychiatric patients he could “sense” as he walked through various spots such as Fulbourn in Cambridge and Bedlam in London, did say before he died that he wanted the whole world to know the truth.

At that time he was alive and did not know the truth. As such because he made me a co-executor and beneficiary of his will I shall take this to be my legal right to broadcast his documents as a justification of the allegations made in the story.

Publishing documents can only be a civil infringement and is not a crime. It is a civil infringement only if someone comes forth is dispute it. Under normal circumstances people and organizations of repute will not bother to sue or litigate someone who publishes their papers as it is not worth bringing publicity to small fry if you are a big person.

People are supposed to abide by the law and if they dont understand they should ask someone to explain it to them. But people can start to target me and usually if they are much beloved their passion becomes the law. I will also be publishing a file of my personal history in the UK separately.

No expertise is needed to understand anything said here. The book starts with a “Requeim for the dead” something which Regent himself seemed to sing daily from the time I first met him in August 2011 to the time of his death on March 26 2014 in Shifnal Shropshire. Our lives were just taking a turn for the better when death knocked on his door, as the story goes, medically and chemically preponed by his physician. His was truly a “medically-controlled death”.

Regent liked autobiographies of people like Harold Shipman and Kevorkian. He was an author and one of the editors of the Oxford dictionary under his birth name Richard Lindsay. He had a special gift with phonetics and used to spout poetry that just came out of his head. A strong Christian and militant against the mental health system he called psychiatrists “parasites”. They did not want all those stories coming out. They felt he should be silenced as he was spoiling the world for them.

I understand the book will be appreciated by a few everywhere in the world if it were to be read but will probably infuriate psychiatrists. The book also has a very different flavour from the “depression and anti-depressant human interface” which orgasms the 21st century mediocre female so much so much so “mental health” is like some kind of chant that brings happiness. Depression and anti-depressants are much like mascara and high heeled shoes,(mostly but not always female) hat they are a vehicle for pursuit of happiness, either by having these things themselves or saying others who they dislike have these things.

This is the reason why people are reluctant to accept the negatives of psychiatry and unethical activity by doctors: they get their thrills from this thing and won't be logical or truthful or compassionate when faced with negative evidence about this thin

Regarding the law I understand there is no case of slander when you criticize a whole community like saying “boys are monkeys”, “lawyers are liars” or even 'psychiatrists are parasites. You have to say bad things about particular people in order to be offensive not a generalization or value judgment. While a negative affirmation about people of one race may be criminal saying that psychiatrists are parasites.

These are Regents words not mine and carry no criminal liability. If a psychiatrist were to put in print that psychiatrists are parasites, he could be expelled from the community of psychiatrists for bringing them into disrepute. If we are not psychiatrists we have no liability for calling them parasites.

As I see it slander is a civil offence and only becomes that if someone wishes to sue. As such telling the truth is not slander even if someone wishes to sue you as long as you can prove that this is the the truth

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Murder as a civil case

Once again a real life story along with documents which shows people who a person can be falsely implicated in British justice courts. No expertise is needed to understand this book.

Volume 2 is what led upto the case,

Eugenic slaughterhouse

I am addressing an avenue that is less frequently trodden on. I might be annoying and an embarrassment to those who believe in keeping hidden censorship hidden which is why some people have to die.../p>

Most people associate eugenics with killing certain races and of enforced selective breeding so only the healthy and fit should have children. Eugenics which is improving and purposely manipulating the characteristics of a population to gradually eliminate persons of unwanted characteristics. This is done to have a healthier and happier society where suffering inadequacy and inferiority have been completely eradicated so that people can live like gods and not worry about anything.

Here I call creation of a manmade social interface, so that humans are rearranged and reoriented like performing toys and start to believe the virtual interface is real. This book shows how psychiatry has helped eugenics by helping create a global virtual interface which is able to live because of peoples faith in psychiatrists.

Instead of saying these things are bad Mohini based on her reading and life experiences shows the upside of “21st century eugenics” and uses the inner workings that are “llegal”to talk about and not believed to exist. Mohini tears holes in the protective cocoon so you see whats outside it. This is to justify the title saying “slaughterhouse” not “pleasure house”

Sex Manual for physicists a conceptual guide and system tour

Published in 2008 this book brought me only grief. I got chastised for the word “sex” appearing on the cover plus people these days want hard porn when they pick up a book to help get off. Writing a book with “sex” on the cover but no porn means customers will complain. This is an earlier stage of my development of thoughts on eugenics and the great walled garden the cocoon or the submarine in a larger sea. The human community sheltered from the truth who shall in that way cheat nature and get all sorts of good things for themselves.

Be a voyeur and open me!

Review of the Institute of Physics

I think people regularly write reviews about what they have used seen or visited, Again my review is that of a person expelled from the Institute of Physics. It is a little story book, and not a publication of the Institute of Physics which I was told would be my only legal obligation

ongoing immigration case\

Then there is my ongoing immigration case written as a story. Only in this case my legal documents will not be published with the story.

mental health binders and stories of mohini hersom& getting an order against the NHS

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