Sleepless night at Heathrow Airport

Spending Millions of Dollars on a Jailer's Plumbing

Intimacy hole-in-the-ground;
Extreme egghead;
Bobbing up and down;
Until you reach the crown;
Will you be my date tonight?
Compensate for missing the flight


Laughing toilet protected by an army of gunmen;
Your eyes light up when you set sight of me for the first time.
Are you coming?
Your languourous thighs match your eyes;
Unzip your fly;
Look me in the eye.

Laughing toilet open toilet;
Pleasure in the eye;
Your box is nigh.

A massive overdose of plumbing;
Has been set up to hold up your dumbing;
Your waste drops on living humans;
Who must suffer and keep on suffering;
Commit suicide or go to hell;
Or just die.

All to keep you smelling sweet and so also your reputation.

Your chivalrous gunmen care not what happens to victims like me;
Like a child protected from adult topics;
You are protected from seeing the violence your chivalrous gunmen do to me; To keep me servile;
Take your faeces upon myself with a smile;
While you yourself are shielded from properly understanding
the consequences of your actions and behaviour.

Waddle Waddle Pigga Daddle;
Pleasure spoon and play with paddle;
Bang your spoon on the table with authority;
To show your will will be done.

Laughing toilet;
Do you know how many bullets are fired in the dark each night
To protect your oilet?

Just because you stand thirty feet tall why do you forget the truth?
How can a XXXXXXXX have the authority to execute a death warrant
When by its very definition it is not culpable.